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Our Philosophy:

To be "Newfangled," you have to look outside of the box with an innovative approach. You won’t hear a lot of "I don't know how" or "I can't" at Newfangled HR. When faced with a hurdle, we jump.

Our Motto:

“HR consulting for the future” – We question old solutions, and if we have a better idea, we are willing to change.

Our Values 

Our philosophy is built on a foundation of values: 

Continuous Learning & Improvement

Never stop growing as a person, or as a team

Commitment to our Customers & Culture

Connect with customers, partners, consumers, and each other to drive success

Create Fun & Stay Passionate

We’re fun, we’re passionate, and we love tough problems and new challenges

Belinda Berwind PHR, SHRM-CP
Founder & Chief People Strategist 

"I wanted to develop and work for a company that sees HR as a critical step for a successful business. I created Newfangled HR with the mission and vision of constant adaptability."  

Belinda brings over 15 years of Human Resources experience. She has extensive experience as an HR Director, Manager, and Consultant for various organizations throughout the Philadelphia region. Her favorite part of HR is helping a company strategically align their business objectives to their long term goals. 

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