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Professional & Executive Placements

Hiring mistakes are fast becoming an expense few companies can afford. Finding the right employees to fill vacant positions can be a time-consuming and costly challenge for your business.

We are future-focused and deliver strategic recruiting and staffing solutions, NHR recruits for a broad range of entry to senior-level employment opportunities in various industries. 

How To Stay Ahead of the Game?

In today’s business climate, staying ahead of the game in the marketplace depends on attracting and retaining the best people.

Today’s employment environment remains as dynamic as ever: managers are constantly challenged to find talented staff in all areas, hiring decisions and staffing levels directly impact your ability to capitalize on the business opportunity, as well as the morale of your workforce.

Our Executive Search and Placement services allow you to streamline your hiring procedures as we offer dedicated service throughout the selection process.

NHR does more than merely match candidates to job openings. We work closely with our clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in prospective candidates. Our interview process ensures NHR candidates possess the appropriate qualifications, experience, and skills required to succeed.

The strength of our industry and functional expertise, coupled with our desire to provide premier customer service and personal attention, separates  NHR from other professional staffing firms. With strong values, collaboration and a culture of excellence, we strive to be the best rather than the biggest. 


We strongly believe that when talented people are placed in challenging jobs, both the job seeker and employer benefit.

Convinced Newfangled is your Placement Solution?

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