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Testing & Evaluations 

Newfangled HR offers comprehensive testing and evaluation solutions to assist you in maximizing the potential of your workforce.

How can NHR Help

Today’s diversified work environment requires a broad range of technical and soft skills. Your business demands integrity, productivity, customer service, and other vital job-related qualities from your employees. Employers that effectively use assessments in their selection process often identify and select better-qualified candidates resulting in improved performance of their workforce.

Skills, Abilities, Attitudes, and Behaviors

  • Measure the attitudes and behaviors that will help you match candidates with open positions more accurately and efficiently.


  • Target the critical skills, aptitudes, and abilities commonly required for a wide range of positions to help you hire the most qualified candidates.

Feel confident in the skills and abilities of the candidate(s) you select prior to on-the-job performance.

Management & Leadership

Building a strong management team takes time, insight, and a long-term strategic view. Management assessments can help evaluate the skills and attitudes of both applicants and current employees that are critical to success as a manager, supervisor, or team leader. This includes such factors as experience, leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, business ethics, interpersonal skills, and training needs.

It is a double loss for you and your bottom line when an effective employee becomes an ineffective manager.

Organizational Development

Organizational developmental assessments used by NHR can help you leverage, develop, and retain a talented workforce through the identification of strengths and developmental areas. This allows us to work with you to meet your specific goals and strategies.

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