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Training & Development 

Newfangled HR (NHR) recognizes the importance of tailoring training programs to the specific needs of individual companies. After all, your business and training goals are unique. NHR works with you to customize training programs that are designed around your objectives. Our training programs can be designed as a comprehensive training initiative as well as stand-alone sessions.

The Benefits of Developmental Training

  • Ensures Consistency

  • Greater Accuracy

  • Increased Compliance (Regulatory/Statutory)

  • Increased Productivity

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Improved Motivation & Moral

  • Less Direct Supervision

  • Reduced Turnover

Guard against costly lawsuits by effectively training supervisors on critical HR legal issues.

More discrimination lawsuits are being filed against well-intentioned managers and companies who do not keep pace with the legal requirements of HR. The first step in handling any unlawful employment situation is to prevent it before it occurs. Training helps to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal and State employment laws and regulations. Furthermore, prompt response to any situation within your facility may help you in mitigating your liability.

Developmental Training is no longer an option; it's a business necessity 

That's why NHR’s training sessions provide resources in which your people can refine their skills, discover their distinctiveness and realize their potential.

​Employee training is a corporate strategy which drives business results and provides organizations with a true competitive advantage. It is a strategic investment in your biggest asset... your employees. Developing talent is truly beneficial as it will optimize your employees' potential, improve performance, and positively impact your Organization's bottom line. 

Convinced Newfangled HR is your Training solution?

Tell us a bit more about what you are looking for from an HR partner.

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